Founder and Director 
Emeritus Texas Civil Rights Project, USA

Jim Harrington, a human rights attorney of forty-five years, is the founder and director emeritus of the Texas Civil Rights Project. He graduated from the University of Detroit Law School in 1973, from where he also holds a master’s in philosophy. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Texas Laws School for 27 years and also taught undergraduate writing courses in civil liberties. In 1990, Mr. Harrington founded the Texas Civil Rights Project, a statewide non-profit foundation that promotes social, racial, and economic justice and civil liberty, through the legal system and public education, for low income and poor people. By the time of his retirement in March 2016, he had built the Project to a staff of 40 people with offices in Austin, El Paso, South Texas, Houston, Dallas, and Odessa.

Event Title: Protection of Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights                Date: September 25, 2019


Promotion of social, economic and cultural rights in building peaceful societies

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