Court of Ethics and Disciplinary at the Brazilian Bar Association 
District Federal Section, BRAZIL

Antonio Alberto do Vale Cerqueira is the Founding Partner of Catta Preta and Vale Cerqueira Advogados on 04/1998 (since 2015 Cerqueira and Dantas Advogados). Graduated in Law at the Federal District Unified Teaching Association (AEUDF) in 1998. Post graduated in Civil Procedural Law at ICAT master / AEUDF (2002). Professor for over ten years at UNICEUB, IESB and UNIEURO. Mr. Cerqueira was chairperson of the Brazilian Bar Association Selection Committee – Distrito Federal Section, during the three-year period 2010/2012, when he served as Section Director. He is a lecturer frequently consulted by media outlets of the Federal District and Brazil to give their opinion on relevant legal issues. Currently, Mr. Cerqueira is counselor of the Brazilian Bar Association for the three-year period 2019/2021 and is President of the OAB / DF Court of Ethics and Discipline, responsible for overseeing the ethical conduct of more than 60,000 registered lawyers. Lawyer for 21 years, has been active in legal cases of high complexity, including the Superior Courts, especially STJ and STF.

Event Title: Protection of Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights                Date: September 25, 2019


Violation of human rights leading to social unrest: Country-based Analysis

Although poverty is one of the main factors contributing to the increase in crime, this movement is shown in areas where poverty is related to the lack of human rights. A person who is subject to the social contract allows, to some extent, the omission of the state to provide basic human rights, such as education, health, safety, right to leisure, work, housing, food, etc. However, when this fault is large enough to violate their dignity, the individual falls below this level of dignity and there is a concrete tendency towards greater social unrest, which eventually becomes a crime-generating event.

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