The Role of Public-Private Partnership for Sustainable Development


 UNGA Conference 2015: UN Post-2015 Development Agenda


H.E. Elois Anguimate  Atefeh Riazi Wambui Kahara        
Minister of Education Assistant Secretary General Youth Delegate to the UNGA
Central African Republic


UN Chief Information Technology Officer


Thomas Gass Savas Metin Leanne Bayer      
 Assistant Secretary General Secretary General Senior Social Development Specialist
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Kimse Yok Mu, Turkey

 World Bank, USA


Mohammed Ali Ansar Jeffery Huffines H.E. Fatou Lamin Faye       
 Co-Director UN Representative Minister of Basic and Secondary Education
 Timbuktu Renaissance Association, Mali
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, USA  Gambia








John L. Lahey Vincent A. Pedone     Rita Cosby      
Quinnipiac University
Executive Officer, Council of Presidents
Massachusetts State University
News Anchor and Correspondent

“As Quinnipiac University, we are committed to globalization and internationalization. Our young generation is more sensitive for the global issues.”
“We educate our students to be able to understand other perspectives and be become tomorrow`s leaders.”

“Having educated people understand the differences between cultures, differences between the people and be able to express those intelligently is critical for the global economy.”

 “To be truthful, we can be a bridge builder which is I think Journalists and Writers Foundation and Peace Islands Institute is doing. I am here to support your organization.”
“Getting good education lets children to have hope so they have a reason to fulfill their dreams and feel that their dreams are realistic.”

Pietro Ceccato     Jean-Baptiste Natama       David Ives           
Research Scientist Lead, Environmental Monitoring Program Columbia University The Chief of Staff
African Union
Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute
Quinnipiac University

“We do not have expertise in everything. So, we need to have partners, we need to have network, to collaborate to improve the situation in countries like Africa.”
“We need to put our efforts together with international organizations like Peace Islands Institute to improve the situation.”

“Education helps a person to explode his potential. Once you educate someone, you give the opportunity to unlock his potential.”
“Global partnerships helps us a lot in the dialogue of culture. When you build school all over the world, you are giving an opportunity for young people to interact and to have interfaith dialogue because they are coming from different religious backgrounds.”

“I view Turkey as a bridge between cultures. Turkey can play a real strong role in this way to bring people together.”

Carol S. Long Thierry Ngoufan          David Phelps             
Interim President
SUNY Geneseo
STYNC Defense & Security Consulting
Monroe County Sheriff`s Office

“I am very pleased with Peace Islands Institute event which puts education at the top of the agenda.”
“It is very impressive to see international organizations like Peace Islands Institute to work with each other as the collaboration is the way to human peace.”

“Education is the base of everything. Educated populations make wise decisions, whether it is economical, political or social decisions.”

“We are now [introducing] our law enforcement community to the ideas of Peace Islands Institute and Hizmet Movement.”

H.E. Dr. Osman Kassim Issak    H.E. Prof. Moussa Ouattara         H.E. Nestorine Sangare            
Minister of Health
The Republic of Djibouti
Minister of Secondary and Higher Education
The Republic of Burkina Faso
Minister of Women Empowerment
The Republic of Burkina Faso