Ombudsman of the Mozambique, MOZAMBIQUE

As a lawyer, Isaque Chande serves as the Chair of the Constitutional Council of the Mozambican Bar Association since May 2013. Chande participated in various international and regional conferences on energy. Further, since 1996, he is a Member of the Bar Association of Mozambique. In terms of his notable experiences in the legal field, he was a legal advisor at National AirLine-LAM from 1996-1999, and to the Dean of Pedagogical University from 1999-2000. Chande also participated in a team of Consultants for resizing of working force of Mozambique Railways Company (CFM) and into the Working Group for the Revision of the Energy Sector Law from 2000-2005.

Event Title: Protection of Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights                Date: September 25, 2019


Early warning mechanisms of human rights to prevent conflicts: severe inequalities in access to social services

In Mozambique, the State has the primary responsibility to promote human rights and, simultaneously, guarantee their effectiveness. In fact, in article 11 of the Constitution of Mozambique, where the main objectives of the State of Mozambique have been established, it is established that the construction of a society of social justice and the creation of material, spiritual well-being and quality of life of citizens. The defense and promotion of human rights and the equality of citizens before the law. The strengthening of democracy, freedom, social stability and social and individual harmony. There are many challenges to effectively achieve inclusive social development. Much must be done to ensure inclusive social, cultural and economic rights. Partnerships are needed to provide enough support to transform our world. It should be the primary responsibility of each state to take all necessary measures to meet basic needs. There is no country in the world that can effectively address inclusive social development alone. We have to act collectively so that no one is left behind.

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