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Vote for the People’s Choice SDGs Award 2023!

Celebrating how innovative projects can make our world a better place for all!

People’s Choice SDGs Award recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing sustainable peace and development through innovative, creative, and impactful projects. Join us in celebrating the visionaries and change-makers who are leading the way towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our global journey towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Now it’s your chance to cast your vote for your choice for the People’s Choice SDGs Award 2023.

Nominees for the People’s Choice SDGs Award 2023

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🌎 Worldwide

World Health Year (WHY) 2025 - ERADICATING DISEASE

This project aims to replicate the success of Smallpox Eradication by mobilizing global involvement in disease eradication. It seeks to raise awareness and support in 2025, evaluating progress at year-end to guide efforts in eradicating multiple diseases. It emphasizes the crucial role of collective will and funding in combatting infectious diseases.

🇳🇬 Nigeria

Climate Change Effects

This project is committed to educating people about environmental health, emphasizing the connection between the environment and human well-being. Through health education, it aims to empower individuals and communities to make informed, sustainable choices, leading to healthier environments. By addressing environmental health issues, the project aims to enhance public health and well-being on a larger scale.

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka

Protect Human Rights and Build Peace

This project aims to safeguard the rights and well-being of transgender women, children, and minority groups through social media campaigns, advocacy, and educational workshops. Its goal is to prevent abuse, promote peace, and create a healthy, inclusive, and supportive society that values positive behaviour and societal development.

🇳🇬 Nigeria

Youth Farmers Agricultural Production

This project aims to transform fertile hollow lands in Enugu State into productive agricultural areas while discouraging their use for criminal hideout activities. The primary objective is to create wealth through agricultural initiatives and ensure the sustainable utilization of these lands for economic growth and community well-being.

🇲🇼 Malawi

Community Youth Empowerment and Mindset Change Project

This initiative in Malawi empowers youth and women through sports clubs, educating them on democracy, health, entrepreneurship, climate change, and conservation. It aims to create 200 clubs, train 500,000 individuals, and contribute to SDGs while enhancing community resilience through a multisectoral approach.

🇳🇬 Nigeria

Women and Youth Economic Empowerment Programme

This project empowers women and youth through vocational and entrepreneurship training, enabling them to launch businesses and achieve financial independence. After skills training, participants receive start-up grants tailored to their expertise, including tools and capital. The project’s objectives encompass skills development, grant provision, and long-term program sustainability for future beneficiaries.

🇳🇬 Nigeria

The Woman’s Far Cry

This project aims to create a direct communication channel between women and the government to address gender-based violence (GBV). It establishes a help desk for women to access government resources and support, raises awareness of GBV laws, and enhances the capacity of law enforcement and frontline workers to reduce GBV rates and empower women within their communities.

🇪🇹 Ethiopia

Gudumaale Youth Empowerment

The project empowers youth through facilities and motivation, aiming to enhance their future prospects. It prioritizes improving education quality, evaluating daily activities, and identifying areas for skill development. These efforts seek to create positive changes and opportunities for young individuals in the community, ultimately empowering them for success in their future endeavours.

🇳🇬 Nigeria

Microcredit Program for Lepers

This program assists lepers by providing financial resources and business training, enabling them to start or expand businesses. Objectives include poverty reduction, improving lepers’ well-being, promoting inclusion, and aligning with the SDGs. Through needs assessment, business planning, and ongoing support, the project empowers lepers, enhances their economic self-sufficiency, and reduces reliance on social welfare while fostering community contributions.

🇵🇰 Pakistan

Menstrual Talk

“Menstrual Talk” is a global online community dedicated to eradicating period shaming and stigma. Through webinars, workshops, and discussions, it promotes open conversations about menstruation, raising awareness to end period taboos by 2030. It has garnered recognition and engaged with governments and stakeholders for sustainable period products and inclusivity.


Green Grow

This project employs technology and artificial intelligence to create a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. It generates clean energy using Stirling engines and thermoelectric generators, reducing environmental impact. By recycling agricultural waste into cost-effective organic fertilizers and optimizing resource management through AI, it promotes environmental sustainability, economic development, and efficient farming practices.

🇪🇬 Egypt

Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Communities

This project empowers high school students, especially girls, to create sustainable and inclusive communities. It focuses on education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Through workshops, gender equality initiatives, community clean-ups, leadership development, and community gardens, it fosters awareness, equality, sustainability, and youth leadership, resulting in tangible positive impacts on education, gender disparities, the environment, and community engagement.


Sama's Project

This project aims to address SDG 13 by developing extensions for cars and factories to convert harmful gases into a filtratable liquid, mitigating global warming and reducing environmental impact. While not yet implemented due to financial constraints, it has potential for significant positive impact once realized, with participation in relevant competitions showcasing its potential.

🇪🇬 Egypt #63

Utilization of Phragmites Australis for Sustainable Energy and Waste Management

This project tackles invasive Phragmites australis and plastic waste by converting them into renewable energy sources, biofuels, and valuable byproducts. It integrates these processes, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. Environmental monitoring, safety measures, and community engagement ensure eco-friendly and responsible implementation

Thank You For Your Submissions

Voting for this years’ People’s Choice SDGs Award has ended.