UNGA-High-Level-ReceptionAwareness: The UNGA High-Level Reception serves as a platform where Heads of Delegates, Ministers and Permanent Representatives of Members States to the UN discuss the current themes of the UNGA.

Collaboration: The UNGA High-Level Reception emphasizes the importance of Public-Private Partnerships by bringing together the government representatives with private sector and civil society organizations.

Mobilization: The UNGA High-Level Reception mobilizes private sector and civil society around the globe and builds local and global networks to contribute to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Targets: The reception serves as a common ground to share lessons learned from the MDGs and work together for achieving the SDGs.

Implementation: UNGA Reception encourages private sector to help create new resources to finance the implementation of the SDGs.

Accountability: Participation by the civil society in all phases of the process ensures higher levels of accountability.



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