First Lady of Sierra Leone

SIA-NYAMA-KOROMAMrs. Sia Nyama Koroma is the wife of Dr. Ernest Bia Koroma, 4th democratically elected President of the Republuc of Sierra Leone. She has directed her efforts to work towards reducing infant and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, supporting the Government’s target to reduce these statistics by 30% of the 2005 figures by 2010. Her main aim for her tenure of office is to ensure that she makes a difference to poor people’s lives by doing the sort of things that will set an imprint on the sands of time. Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma’s vision is to see the Children of Sierra Leone benefiting from a caring and supportive environment, enabling them to fulfill their life’s ambitions in a society free from violence and war. She is also committed to enhancing the welfare of women, working towards a fair and equitable society where women are allowed to achieve high public and private office in accordance with their qualification and desire to serve the nation. She has spent a considerable amount of her time since assuming the position on First Lady to promote her vision and at the same time user her profile to support Government and policy makers in reaching timely decisions that enhances the standard of life for women and children.

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