President and CEO, AGETUR
Fr. Minister of Public Works and Transport (Benin)

H.E-LAMBERT-KOTYMr. Koty served as a Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Government of Benin between 2011 and 2013. He has been illustrated as a builder, very involved in Benin’s development issues and in the West African sub region. In May 2002, when AGETUR Association became a limited company, two Prelates successfully assumed the presidency of the Board of Directors, as Mr. Koty remained Managing Director. After, Mr. Koty was unanimously appointed as the new president of the Board of the Company. Starting from 1990 when the Executing Agency of Urban Works (AGEUTR) was created, Mr. Koty has contributed to the improvement of the urban landscape of Benin. Given his skills and experiences, he was repeatedly invited as resource person and expert fot the restructuring of several Urban works Agencies in Africa. That led him to gain the presidency of the African Association of Public Agencies (AFRICATIP) from 2013 till today.

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