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Manoj Gursahani

PANEL 2: Contributions of the Private Sector
 Panel-2-5-Manoj-Gursahani Manoj Gursahani
President US India Investment Forum (India)

Mr. Gursahani is a Co-Chairman of India Business Group and past president Travel Agents Federation of India / Rotary Club of Mumbai Queens Necklace. He is the founder of Travelmartindia, India’s first e-commerce portal. Mr. Gursahani is also recognized and honored for his role in the contribution of Indo-USA relationship by US Embassy-India, Governor of Nevada, Governor of Maryland and Mumbai Police for work in Cyber Crime.

MANOJ GURSAHANI, Co-Chairman of India Business Group and Former President Travel Agents Federation of India/Rotary Club of Mumbai Queens Necklace, delivered a speech that addressed the importance of developing all elements of welfare (i.e. sustainable infrastructure, good education, healthcare) for Indian citizens. Gursahani first referred to the India-US Ministerial Energy Dialogue, which was held on September 21, 2015 at the US Department of Energy in Washington. He said that the objective of the Indian government to provide a 24/7 power across India by 2019 was a major point in this dialogue. Such goal, he said, is achieved “by creating cost effective infrastructure that is sustainable and inclusive of clean energy solutions.”

In his remarks, Gursahani discussed the role of Indian private sector in promoting sustainable development through emphasizing the adaptation of green technologies for inclusive growth. He stated that by 2050, 70% of the Indian population would be living in cities. Gursahani suggested that as Indian citizens move to urban areas, the city’s infrastructure will be in a greater demand as it carries key services like transportation, healthcare, education and public safety. Furthermore, Gursahani pointed out the expected increase in the public demand for a better education, accessible government, and affordable housing.

Gursahani also mentioned the Indian Government’s efforts in promoting Smart City projects for which Dholera is an example. It’s a city based in the State of Gujarat and is being managed by Aecom, a US based Project Management Consultancy firm. In addition to Dholera, Gursahani said that the Indian Government is planning hundred more smart cities. By benchmarking the Smart City project in India, he concluded that there is an improved public transport system, a 24/7 water and electricity supply, a more efficient waste collection mechanism, telemedicine facilities available for all residents, and a 30-minute response time in cases of emergency. Lastly, Gursahani listed the Indian government’s initiatives for sustainable growth. Some of these initiatives were the plan to save $2 billion in four years by cutting down on energy usage during peak hours, and boosting rooftop solar power production.