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Dr. William C. Schulz

Director of Academic Outcomes Research and Founder of Center for Social Change, Walden University | USA Overview of Global Access to the Digital Technologies, Resources, and Disparities Dr. William Schulz is the Director of Academic Outcomes Research, and Founding Director of Walden University’s Center for Social Change. He was previously an Associate Dean of Walden’s School of Management, and was founding Director of the Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership at Albertus Magnus College. Dr. Schulz is an award-winning scholar in the fields of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. He earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from The University of Georgia, and a Masters degree in Political Science & Public Policy from Indiana University. As a scholar with practical and doctoral training in both business and public policy contexts, Will has spent over two decades exploring, consulting, and teaching about how servant leaders can improve the world through entrepreneurial leadership. Will has been at Walden University for nearly 15 years, and shares its passion to help motivated scholar-practitioners across all disciplines develop the skills needed to be effective agents for social change and good in the world. Outside of academia, Will has released a film documentary, Electra! Queen of the Aleutian Islands that aviation historian Robert Serling noted as “arguably one of the finest aviation documentaries ever filmed”, and is an avid ice hockey goaltender and choral singer.