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Dana Coppola

Public Relations and Media Specialist, Embrace Relief | USA Best Practices: Contributions of the CSOs Initiatives in Achieving the SDGs Dana Coppola is the Public Relations and Media Specialist at Embrace Relief. She is responsible for international communications, content creation, event/campaign planning and implementation, organizational development, and oversees social media platforms. Her ambition and passion drive her humanitarian work; she believes that through collaboration and education, the world can begin to transform. During her first two-years at Embrace Relief, Ms. Coppola increased the donor database by 90%, and during the COVID-19 Pandemic, she hosted the Stronger Together Livestream Fundraiser that had over 6,000 people in attendance and raised over $105,000. Ms. Coppola is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Communication at Northeastern University.