Transforming Our World: Inclusive Social Development for All
25 September 2019, Wednesday


The UNGA Conference pays tribute to outstanding individuals and organizations that contributed to sustainable peace and development while promoting as well as protecting the culture of peace, diversity, inclusive society, human rights, empowerment of women and youth at local, national, and global levels. In 2019, the Journalists and Writers Foundation and its 36 Global Partners recognized three exceptional individuals (foundations) who have promoted and contributed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by inspiring millions of people and organizations around the world. The altruism, philanthropy, dedication, and commitment of the winners are worth it to make our world a better place for everyone.

Ken Egbas
Chief Responsibility Officer, TruContact CSR Nigeria





The Culture of Peace Award was presented to Mr. Sello Hatang, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in recognition of his commitment to human rights and for working tirelessly to keep the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive and further Madiba’s vision of freedom and equality for all, in a spirit of solidarity, remembrance, tolerance and reconciliation. The award is presented by José Igreja Matos, President of the European Association of Judges.



The Culture of Peace and Non-Violence Award was presented to Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Founder and President of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, in recognition of his contribution to the defense and promotion of Gandhian values ​​and principles (nonviolence, democracy, tolerance and pluralism ) to address the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. The UNGA Conference 2019 also commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired millions of people in India and around the world to defend peace and justice for all. The award is presented by Hon. Mark Botomani, Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology.


The Youth Empowerment Award was presented to Enes Kanter, NBA player for Boston Celtics, human rights defender and founder of the Enes Kanter Foundation, for his remarkable contribution to promoting the advancement of young people through the establishment of 50 Summer basketball camps in 50 states in the US, which traditionally empowered marginalized and overlooked youth to succeed in life and become productive citizens. The award is presented by Craig Foster, Football broadcaster; Author; Ambassador for Human Rights.

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