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Feyzullah Bilgin

Managing Director, Nigerian Tulip International Colleges | NIGERIA Best Practices of Right to Education During COVID-19 Fevzullah Bilgin is the Managing Director of the Nigerian Tulip International College. He completed his teacher training education at the Anatolian Teacher Training High School in Turkey. Mr. Bilgin studied English Language at the Bogazici University in Turkey, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s degree on English Language Education. Fevzullah proceeded to Westminster University to acquire the PGCE qualification. On his arrival in Nigeria, he received his Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Nassarawa University and completed his Masters of Business Administration from the Nile University of Nigeria. Mr. Bilgin started his career in Tashkent Ulugbek International School, Uzbekistan where he worked as an English Language teacher and ESL teacher. In Nigeria, he worked as the Head of the English Language Department, School Principal, Deputy Managing Director (Academics). He is currently working as Managing Director of the Nigerian Tulip International College.