Congratulations to all project participants!

PIONEERS IN SDGs AWARDS  Winners were announced during the Awards Ceremony

(New York, 9/15/2021)

On September 15, 2021, the Journalists and Writers Foundation and its 36 Global Partners celebrated the contributions of civil society organizations to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals during the 3rd Annual Pioneers in SDGs Awards Ceremony. This year, 47 outstanding individuals and organizations participated in the project competition with 30 amazing projects from 20 different countries. The international jury members evaluated these projects and their outcomes based on four criteria: innovation, stakeholders, scope, and impact. The winners were announced during the virtual Pioneers in SDGs Awards Ceremony on September 15, 2021.

The Awards Ceremony began with a warm welcome by Mr. Tomaczek Bednarek, an acclaimed award-winning producer, successful executive and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in multimedia. In his opening speech, Mr. Bedanrek said: “We are here to pay tribute to outstanding individuals and organizations that contribute to sustainable peace and development through innovative and creative projects. Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies; protecting human rights, the rule of law, and democratic values; empowering women, girls, and youth for social justice and equal opportunities play an essential role in achieving sustainable development goals worldwide.

In his Welcoming Remarks, Mr. Mehmet Kilic, President of the Journalists and Writers Foundation, said: “Public-Private Partnerships are crucial in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. No one can achieve these goals by themselves. Governments, the private sector, and civil society have to work together in collaboration and communication to make this world a better place for all and make our world greener and cleaner for today and for the generations to come.”

Ambassador Dr. Carlos Garcia,  former Ambassador of El Salvador to the United Nations and the Secretary-general of the United Nations Association of El Salvador, congratulated the participants and honored their efforts in his keynote speech, “I was shocked by all the creativity I saw in your projects.’ Dr Garcia acknowledged that the SDGs do not solve every major global issue, ‘but they give us a wonderful blueprint for sustainable development.”Journalists and Writers Foundation

Global Partners

Disclaimer: The evaluations are prepared by our international jury in their personal capacity on a voluntary basis. The opinions and recommendations expressed in the evaluation forms are the jury’s own and do not reflect the view of the Journalists and Writers Foundation or its Global Partners.



The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (USA)

The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (USA) won first place and the $2000 prize. Ms Shayna Vayser said, “The idea behind this project dates back to 2015 when the SDGs were first introduced, with the aim to bridge global goals with local action.” She explained that the project aims to bring ‘equitable development not just internationally but within our own neighbourhoods. We are inspired by community, rooted in community, serving the community.’


Honey and Banana Platform (NIGERIA)

The 2nd place winner was the Honey and Banana Platform from Nigeria. Ms Onuoha Chidinma Stella, who received the award and the $1000 prize on behalf of the Deep K. Tyagi Foundation (Nigeria) said, “The Honey and Banana Platform has been going on for 3 years now, the major aim is to talk to vulnerable populations, and to give them a great family planning service.’ She also noted, ‘Women don’t want to be judged so they are seeking places where they have privacy. That’s the beauty of the Honey and Banana Project.”


The Smile of the Child (Greece)

The ceremony continued with the announcement of the 3rd place winner and recipient of the $500 cash prize. The award went to The Smile of the Child (Greece) for their mobile blood donation collection project. The project was set up during the pandemic to address the issues of blood shortages in Greek hospitals. Mr. Costas Yannopoulos, who received the award said, “Smile of the Child was founded by a 10-year-old child. Thirty-five years later, the organisation is the biggest charity fighting to protect children in Greece. We are saving the lives of many children in Greece during the Covid-19 pandemic with this project.”


Vocational Training for Young People in Brazil

Dream Learn Work

Dream Learn Work is a non-profit organization created to inspire young people in Rio de Janeiro to dream of a better future through access to quality education, decent work opportunities and socioeconomic inclusion.

We support professional qualification and professional training in a wide range of areas at recognized educational institutions. Keeping students engaged and motivated in pursuit of their dreams and goals is our mission.

DLW builds bridges through job support and recruitment activities. In addition, we provide individual follow up, finance the qualification courses and provide the youngsters transportation subsidy throughout the entire course as well.


Ilitha Labantu Clinical Project

Ilitha Labantu

Ilitha Labantu is a walk-in center for women, girls and children who have been physically, emotionally, verbally, financially, psychologically or sexually abused to provide them with psycho-social services to cope with the trauma of abuse. For our clinical program clients/beneficiaries don’t need to have an appointment. The services provided include intake and assessment of walk in clients, face to face as well as telephonic counselling, referrals to other institution for further intervention, therapeutic support groups, legal advice and legal counseling, court support and court readiness to survivors of sexual violence as well as those undergoing difficult litigation cases, safe accommodation, skills training and job readiness. Through these services, we work with communities to take the responsibility, recongnise and denounce violence with a focus on tackling the root causes such as intergenerational poverty, negative gender norms and stereotypes.


Cuidando de Todos l Cuidando do seu Coração – Better Hearts Better Cities

Municipal Health Secretariat of São Paulo, ellus Institute, Novatis Foundation

The Caring for All program of the Municipal Health Secretariat of São Paulo (SMS/SP), accelerated by the global initiative “Better Hearts Better Cities”, with the Novartis Foundation as a collaborator and with local implement partner, Tellus Institute, together transforming the realities on Noncommunicable Chronic Diseases (NCDs) in the urban health scenario in the municipality of São paulo, specifically in 71 primary care clinics.


Liberian Youth Empowerment Program

Liberian Youth Foundation

Liberian Youth Foundation Empowerment Program is designed to create Thriving and Resilient Community in Liberia through professional capacity building of children and youth in technical vocational and entrepreneur skills. The program is also fighting poverty, unemployment, inequality, and digital illiteracy. At the same time contributing to Decent work and economic growth and sustainable Cities and Communities. According to Liberia Economy poverty headcount 71.4% Liberian are living on less than $2.00 United States dollars a day and World Bank 2017 report says Youth recognize that their lack of skills and experience are impediments to employment. It also recognizes that inadequate skills and vulnerable employment is rapidly on the increase in Liberia. Technical institutions are limited in Liberia too. However, our initiative has empowered 6000 people particularly children and youth who are now skillful and productive since its establishment in 2013. Beneficiaries are either employ or running their own business that enabling them to meet their basic need and wants at the same time contributing to society positively. Because of our outstanding impacts International and national media has feature us like the United States Department Exchange /US Embassy in Liberia, Young African Leaders Initiative, Capital News, Hot pepper News and Truth FM 96.1.


Generation WOW: A Generation W Platform for Girls

Generation W

Generation W is an ever growing and enthusiastic community, a national non-profit that embraces the guiding tenets of education, inspiration and connection and the power of women’s leadership. Our vision is a culture where all women and girls are values. Generation W is our umbrella organization focused on providing thought-leadership and connection to elevate women. Under this umbrella, Generation WOW is a comprehensive platform targeted to girls in grades 7-12 and includes events, programming, proprietary SEL-based curriculum and year-round mentorship opportunities.


Extremely EUnited Project

Dialogue Platform

The Extremely EUnited project aims to reach out to vulnerable youth by creating an innovative online platform that will offer a space where the voice of young people will be heard, challenge the radical propaganda, provide youth with alternatives, develop their resilience and critical thinking mechanisms.

The Extremely EUnited project contains online resources and offline activities. The project activities are implemented mainly in partners organizations countries which are Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Estonia, Kosovo and the Netherlands. Besides, social media channels and online activities increase the reach out of the project.


Clean Cooking Kenya


CIST East Africa Industries Limited is a biotech manufacturing community based Startup Company, committed to eradicating house hold energy poverty by providing clean and affordable ethanol cooking technology and alcohol based hand sanitizer. Within our workshop, we convert waste materials including the invasive water hyacinth into 93% second generation ethanol. 70% of our product is stabilized into ethanol cooking fuel while 30% is compounded into alcohol based hand sanitizer. The ethanol fuel is sold from CIST Africa automated dispenser machines managed by last mile entrepreneurs.

CIST employs 12 people for production, 42 last mile entrepreneurs and allows 1,840 households to access clean cooking fuel daily. CIST not only manufacture products which mitigate climate change, but also upholds the principles of circular economy by making innovative products by use of waste products.


Breaking barriers Building dreams – Powering a rural vulnerable community through clean energy

Green Hope Foundation Bangladesh

Covid19 severely impacted the residents of Pattanibhanga village, a rural community of 108 families in Bangladesh. The village’s only school shut down in March 2020. It had no electricity or health centre. There was a complete lack of knowledge and resources to combat Covid-19 and other diseases. Most of its adults were unemployed. Extreme poverty and a deteriorating health situation threatened the survival of many of the residents, disproportionately impacting women and children, with exponential increase in domestic abuse, child marriage and trafficking. My project used clean energy as an innovative solution to first address the safety issue , by installing solar powered street lights in the village. We installed solar panels, computers and an audio video system at the school so that classes can now be conducted remotely digitally. All the 141 children and youth are back at school. We trained a group of 20 youth ( 50% girls) on hygiene and sanitation. These trained ambassadors installed 10 hand washing stations, equipped with soap bars, throughout the village where the residents can wash and sanitise themselves. This group of ambassadors regularly visit each house, distribute 2 sets of washable cloth masks every per person every quarter, explain the benefits of washing, the need for social distancing and proper hygiene to combat COVID19.